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Top 10 Baking Essentials

Top 10 Baking Essentials

Are you a beginner baker? If so, then here is your guide to the top ten baking tools that are essential to have in your kitchen. It can be hard to distinguish which tools are worth investing in and which aren’t. Below will be a list of the top tools pro bakers recommended to complete any beginner recipe.


Tiny spatulas are a great tool for baking, especially for decorating. They can be used in a multitude of ways and will including everything from frosting cakes to flipping items on a pan. They are a great helping tool!

rolling pin

Rolling pins especially this adjustable rolling pin will come in handy for any dough recipe. They will be your saving grace as they will not only save you time but sweat and tears when laminating and rolling out your dough.


A sifter will be ideal for making your flour mixture smooth and lump-free. They are very durable and will last a lifetime


Spatulas, in particular, heat-resistant spatulas are extremely versatile and important for every baker to have.


Pastry brushes are great for soaking up whatever liquid you are using to allow you to brush it onto pastries. This will create a mess-free environment and allow for easy application.


Ice cream scoopers are not only great for scooping ice cream but for portioning out cookie dough, ensuring a consistent and even ball.


Whisk is one of the most used tools when baking. They are used in almost every recipe and will help you achieve your goal of mixing multiple liquid ingredients faster and easier.


Having a couple of different size bowls will make life much easier. You can portion out your ingredients, organize your ingredients and are ideal for mixing. They are no doubt a must in the kitchen


Scales are one of the most important tools a baker can have. Baking is a science and when ingredients are not properly measured out, the recipe can turn out wrong. Accuracy is key and the scale is great for metric recipes and measuring sensitive recipes.


In conjunction with the scale, a great tool for measuring ingredients are the measuring cups and spoons. They are small, easy to clean and easy to use. They are great for when you don't need the scale and are pretty much needed for every and any recipe.

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