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About Us

Maria was a single mother facing normal challenges to raise her daughter Paige in the suburbs of New Jersey with a dream of one day opening up a business with something that she is good at. Having earned a degree in hospitality, she had worked two jobs to support her daughter working late night shifts at the local baker’s store.

Soon she needed to quit one of her jobs that demanded late shifts putting Maria in a negligent position to help her daughter in daily duties. With minimal income, a rising rent and bills to pay she had soon found it difficult to cope with her teenage daughter who requested that she herself get a job to help out. But Maria did not want to pressure Paige with that responsibility and instead asked her to focus on her studies. Paige on the other hand was exemplarily good at art, and asked her mother if she could help her out baking at home with chances to sell at markets or events outside.

This was a venture worth pursuing the duo had thought – soon Maria had put together all her favorite recipes and started to plunge into baking small cakes at first to sell at farmer’s markets. In no time, her cakes were selling quickly in the markets and she also started getting private orders from customers.

With months of success, the Mother and Daughter had decided to increase their menu to various pastries as well and that was when Paige’s artistic talent came to play. She had help design baking tools that would make baking fun, easier and very interesting. By doing so, their business was in development and their bond grew stronger. A few years later, with sales hitting the roof, Maria had already quit her job to focus on their business and branch out to help other individuals in need with easier baking techniques using the equipment tools they had developed over the progress.

This mission success had helped them realize the need of baking and its tools worldwide, how important a skill it is to learn and this was when the store was born. Ever since, we are dedicated to sharing our style of baking to customers World over, shipping to every corner that needs our products.

The art of Baking is for everyone to learn, and our store has only made it easier as well as fun catering to both the beginner and advanced. We are committed to this vision and pledge to support inspiring bakers on their journey.