10 Pcs Measuring Cups & Spoons

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This 10 Pcs Measuring Cups & Spoons are your companion for all cooking days! Make no more mistakes in the kitchen with this plastic measuring cups and spoons with accurate measurements for measuring anything from flour to rice! Made with food grade plastic, this kitchen essential is truly a necessity for every household. 


  • Re-usable and non-toxic; food grade plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Cup capacity: 1/8cup(15ml), 1/4cup(62ml), 1/3cup(83ml), 1/2cup(125ml), 1cup(250ml)
  • Spoon capacity: 1/4sp(0.6ml), 1/2sp(1.2ml), 1tsp(2.5ml), 1/2tbsp(5ml), 1tbsp(7.5ml)
  • Quantity: 10pcs/set
  • Package Includes: 10 Pcs Measuring Cups & Spoons