4 / 8PCS Measuring Cups


Need proper measuring cups? These Measuring Cups come in a set that give yous various sizes to measure your ingredients with. They're easy to use, clean, and store in your baking cupboard. This is an essentianl for any bakers and cook!

Measurement tool type: measuring spoon
Model: measuring cup set
Type: Measurement tool
Material: stainless steel + PP
Color: Black
Size: As Below
Item Capacity (ml) Length * Diameter (cm/inch)
Measuring cup 236 16.5*8.8/6.50*3.46
Measuring cup 118 15*7.1/5.91*2.80
Measuring cup 78 14*6.1/5.51*2.40
Measuring cup 59 13.2*5.4/5.20*2.13
Measuring spoon 15 11.8*4.1/4.65*1.61
Measuring spoon 7.5 11*3.3/4.33*1.30
Measuring spoons 5 10.6*2.8/4.17*1.10
Measuring spoon 2.5 10*2.3/3.94*0.91
100% new high quality.
1. dishwasher safety.