Ceramic Kitchenware Cooking Utensils Set

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This is a 6pc Ceramic Kitchenware Cooking Utensils Set. All the essential Utensils are in one place, This product has a Ceramic handle with thermal insulation and an anti-scalding comfortable grip. The kitchen is no longer cluttered with this Utensils set.
  • Material: Food-grade stainless steel high-quality materials + ceramics
  • Specifications: Sieve ≈ 11.7*34.7CM (198g)
  • Frying spatula ≈ 7.9*35.2CM (158g)
  • Rice spoon ≈ 7.7*25.5CM (136g)
  • Spatula ≈ 7.9*35.5CM (178g)
  • Noodle spoon ≈ 7.8*31CM (147g)
  • Soup spoon ≈ 9.2*33CM (184g)