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Non-Stick Flour Mat - 3 Piece set

Original price $26.99 - Original price $55.99
Original price
$26.99 - $55.99
Current price $48.99
The silicone kneading pad adopts silver ion technology, easy cooking and healthy life.
Six core features:
1. High-quality German silicone
2. Infant-level health standards
3. Thicker overall thickness
4. engraved scale
5. physical non-slip design
6. high temperature sterilizable
What kind of tools are needed for rolling and kneading?
1. Meet the food contact standards.
2. No need to splash about powder, easy to clean and hygienic.
3. Multi-size, bake and cook as you like, and there is more space for free display of cooking skills.
4.3mm thick material, sturdy and durable with no warping edges.
5. Engraved scale, non-sticky powder, easy to control the dosage, and avoid printing pigments to infect food.
6. can be washed easily.
7. Without wrinkles, it can be stored at will, storage is simple and convenient, saves space.
8. Has anti-overflow edge.
9. High temperature resistance: 230℃, can be sterilized in high temperature water
Product parameters:
Name: Silikon mehl mat set.
Thickness: 3mm
Material: Deutsch silikon.
Heat resistance: -40~230℃.
Specifications: as shown on the details page.