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Ultra-fine Mesh Strainer Suitable for Soy Milk,Coffee, Milk,Yogurt

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Fine and uniform filters without leaving impurities, saving waiting time.High temperature resistant: food grade PP and nylon materials can directly contact with food, it is high temperature resistant, easy to clean.It effectively insulates heat and prevents burning hands. The filter has hanging hole design for easy storage.
Wide application: suitable for soy milk, wine, coffee, milk, yogurt, juice, honey, fried food.

How to choose mesh size:
100 mesh 150 microns (mm): for beer homebrew filter, soy milk, wine residue, enzymes, honey, vegetable juice
200 mesh 75 microns (mm): for tea, milk, yogurt, coffee , oil
300mesh 48 micrometers (mm): for filtration of tap water, wine, liquor, enzymes
400 mesh 38 micrometers (mm), suitable for filtering fine wine, fine precipitation of cold wine, precipitation of cold water, etc. (high-precision filter for all)


  • Material: food grade pp material + ultra-thin nylon filter
  • Size: about 24*15cm/9.45*5.90in,
  • Inner diameter about 11cm/4.33in
  • Weight: about 50g