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Vegetable/ Fruit Wash and Drain Basket

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$42.99 - $76.99
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Wash your veggies and Fruits with easy!
1. wash and drain, two in one. No need to touch the water, close it and shake left and right to clean and drain.

2. The left and right dividers have dual use. Drain the water while soaking.

3. There are different size drainage holes at the bottom and sides of the drainage area, which can drain water easily.

4. Easy to store, can hang and stand.

5. Various buckles, stable and stable. The middle buckle on the bottom two sides of the card slot, firmly attached, easy to open and close.


How to use:

1. use the immersion zone to dive

2. lift up the drainage area

3. Hold both handles with one hand and shake them back and forth

4. Slowly turn the drain area down to complete cleaning and draining.


  • Material: plastic
  • Color: Blue, yellow
  • Weight: 190g
  • Size: 42*25*6cm